Young Stunna praises Kabza De Small’s work ethic and calls him a blessing to all

It is no secret that Young Stunna holds a great deal of admiration for music producer and DJ Kabza De Small, who is known for his work in the amapiano genre. Young Stunna has been very open about the love and respect he has for Kabza, and it is clear that he looks up to him as a role model in the music industry.

Recently, international superstar Drake announced on his Instagram that Kabza, whose real name is Kabelo Motha, would be one of the producers for his It’s All A Blur Tour, along with two other producers.

Young Stunna: Image source @Instagram

In an interview with news reporters, Young Stunna spoke about how much he appreciates Kabza’s spirit and the positive impact he has on those around him. He said, “That’s my father, I call him my father because he teaches you more than music. It is not about music to him, this is a calling, and we shouldn’t play with it because we are going to suffer. I feel like Kabza is a blessing to everyone who is close to him and if he doesn’t like you that means your spirit is not as pure as you think it is, you need to fix something.”

Young Stunna’s Successes

Young Stunna has had many successes to celebrate recently, including performing at Afro Nation and collaborating with other artists. He said that performing on the world stage was an amazing experience, but the highlight was meeting South Africans and connecting with them.

Young Stunna said he admired his mentor Kabza De Small
Image: Instagram/Young Stunna

Young Stunna also spoke about how Kabza taught him to maintain the values he was raised with and to always respect where he comes from. He said that after returning from Afro Nation, his mentor congratulated him on his achievements.

Young Stunna said, “I swear it’s not about music to him. You can have the talent, be a superstar, be the best dressed and have money as much as you want, but if you don’t respect where you come from, your elders and ancestors and the teachings they have taught you shows everywhere you go. Him being able to call and tell me I’m doing well, he’s really proud of me and to tell me to keep going warmed my heart.”

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